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Tip of the Hat: WXCS 92.9 Radio, Cambridge Springs PA

The honors of the month are being sent out to more supporters of the original music in the area.  In a small little town called Cambridge Springs, you can tune your radio to 92.9FM and hear a great deal of folk, … Continue reading

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No “Sin” in Simplicity

As curiosity overtook me, I went about discovering that out of the ones recorded, a Tommy Link song on average has a run time of roughly 4:18. 4:18! Who do I think I am, writing so many long songs!? You poor … Continue reading

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The Next Leap Forward

After a long, cold season of inactivity, the next step towards the completion of the “Ready to Fall” album has been taken.  I recently managed to get to the studio of dear friend/musical colleague/producer Tom Hitt.  Under his supervision, the album is … Continue reading

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Draft Driven

Excited to be a part of the 7th Semi-annual Arts N Drafts Festival this month.  As a patron in past years, it’s an honor to be included to the line up this time around. Tons of great music and amazing … Continue reading

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