Time of the Season: April 14th – 20th

Spring is finally here, meaning while we till have some cold days in the cards, things are generally warming up at last! So while we’re thawing, lets get up to speed, shall we?

Early March, the new Strangers and Liars album “Live That Way” was released without a hitch! The Kings Rook Club was kind enough to host our release party, which was a radical success. Copies of the CD can be purchased at any Strangers and Liars show, as well as online at places such as CDBaby and iTunes.

More gigs are on the rise for Strangers and Liars, as you may have noticed from the updated “upcoming performances sections”, the most recent of those being Strangers and Liars kicking off the Hitt House Concert series on April 25th!

The band and I are looking forward to a productive spring to lead us into an exciting summer. Here’s hoping!

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Bring the Spring

We survived February. I’m not sure how, but here we are. Four weeks of temperatures between 0 and 30 and back to 0, with every type of precipation and weather related mishap worth mentioning (vehicle repair, gigs canceled due to illness, the works). But here we are! It’s March and we live and breath, and of the many things to do this fine month, the first and foremost is the thing to talk about.

The Strangers and Liars CD release party!

Time to Live That Way

Time to Live That Way

After months of work, the new disc is set to spin. March 8th, from nine to midnight, The Kings Rook Club will be hosting our CD release party. With all the excitement, there’s noth much else to say about it. If you can’t be there, get a copy of the CD on itunes, CD baby or bandcamp and let “Live That Way” speak for itself.

A few other gigs to mention for the month. At he end of the month (Friday, March 29th) we’ll be back at the King’s Rook as part of a benefit show for epilepsy. Also included on the bill, Breaking the Circle, Basket Eddy, Special Guest and Scarlet Ledbetter.

Strangers and Liars will also be returning to the Crossroads Dinor on Marh 22nd for another show.

It’s all about the new! New month, new CD, new t shirts (did I mention the new t-shirts?), new opportunities! Bring on the spring!

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Freeze Fame

It’s not that I don’t like winter. I just don’t enjoy doing a whole lot in the winter. And as a person who doesn’t go out of his way to do all that much to begin with, it probably explains why I like winter. But then, troublesome things like not keeping up with your blog start happening, and well, here we are.

So on the off chance I don’t muster up the energy to post again in a reasonable amount of time, let’s just make a quick run on everything going on this month (which some crazy-how is quite a bit).

First up, I’ll be out in Edinboro Friday the 7th playing some solo tunes for the happy hour crowd at The Hotel Bar. It’s a 6 to 9 affair, giving me an excellent excuse to work on my solo performing chops (another worthwhile activity pushed aside these winter months).

I don't think it's actually a hotel anymore... but's definitely a bar

I don’t think it’s actually a hotel anymore… but’s definitely a bar


Secondly, another solo performance. Making a return to one of my favorite stages in Erie, I have so kindly been asked to open once more at The Crooked i for dear friends, Dr. Joe and the Disorderlies! The show is Thursday the 13th, and I’ll be kicking things with an hour set, starting around 10pm.

I also don't think he's a real doctor! I should be fact checking this stuff.

I also don’t think he’s a real doctor! I should be fact checking this stuff.

Next, same place, different day, and a few more people, Strangers and Liars will be at the i, opening (along with The Mighty Sea) for This American Song. Whole lot of great songwriters and musicians between these three bands. Pretty exciting stuff.

I don't know what song it is, but it's definitely American. That I'm sure of.

I don’t know what song it is, but it’s definitely American. That I’m sure of.

Strangers and Liars, being the societal minded group of people that is it, is also involved in some benefit shows near the end of the month. SaL will be PACA on February 22nd, performing from 7 to 7:45pm for the MATV (Mothers Against Teen Violence) event.

While Strangers and Liars are certainly against teen violence, none of them are currently mothers.

While Strangers and Liars are certainly against teen violence, none of them are currently mothers.


And who doesn’t like horses? TREC (Therapeutic Riding Equestrian Center), run by our dear friend Heidi Zuck, is hosting a fundraiser at the Bel-Aire Hotel in Erie on Thursday the 27th where Strangers and Liars will be in attendance, playing music and snatching up h’ors deurves. The event goes from 6 to 9:30pm.

Their horses don't actually look like that

Their horses don’t actually look like that

I’m not sure how I let February, a month of icy streets and aggressive weather, become so full of me being active and upright. However, I intend to make the best of it. See you around!

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The time has come! None of this vagueness, this beating around the bush. Strangers and Liars are on the move, early in this 2014, and it’s high time you got to hear about it. So here’s the run down.




With our finger on the button

With our finger on the button

March 8th is the OFFICIAL date scheduled for the Strangers and Liars CD release party. After a smashing New Year’s Eve Show, The King’s Rook Club was kind enough to host our big to do. Our sophomore album “Live That Way” is spending the next month and a half getting is edges polished as we prepare to bombard you with some more songs to take home. If you you’ve been sitting at home over playing the 10 tracks from “Five Seat Concert Hall” (which I know you have), get ready to double your fun with 10 more tracks being released on this.

Now, fear not. You don’t have to fret thinking you won’t be seeing us until March, we other stuff on the more immediate horizon.

January 18th: Strangers and Liars will be back down in Edinboro, playing Crossroads Dinor from 9 to midnight. If it’s anything like last time (or the time before that), it’ll be quite a lot of fun. So let’s do it!


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2013: Going Out Like We Came In

Onward we blaze into the first few days of our bright, frigid, snow covered new year (those adjectives are not meant to seem pessimistic, simply truthful). The final two gigs of 2013 were outstanding. Both the December 28th performance at the Crossroads Dinor and the New Year’s Eve show at the King’s Rook Club went off without a hitch.

Strangers and Liars will be returning to The Crossroads Dinor on January 18th.

Strangers and Liars will be returning to The Crossroads Dinor on January 18th.

The final moments of 2013, spent rocking The King's Rook.

The final moments of 2013, spent rocking The King’s Rook.

Yes, 2013 has had its ups and downs, but over all was a truly productive and exciting year for me as a musician, particularly as a part of Strangers and Liars. With the first CD in the can early in year, followed by the Crooked i CD release party, nights spent playing the Edinboro Lake Resort, a gig in Pittsburgh, making our first appearance at The Gathering at Chaffee’s music festival to name a few stellar events….

Let’s just say I’m excited to see what comes next.

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Christmas Bells, Those Christmas Bells!

Merry Christmas all! I hope every is enjoying their holiday frenzy safely and soundly. I’ll keep it short as I can in this eye of the seasonal storm that is Christmas to New Year’s.

Tomorrow night (Saturday, the 28th) Strangers and Liars will be back in Edinboro at the Crossroads Dinor from 9 to 12. Then, New Year’s Eve, we will be headlining a show at The King’s Rook Club in Erie with our good friends Potwhole and Scarlet Ledbetter. We hope to see you at both. Otherwise, enjoy the rest of the holiday season!

And a Happy New Year!

And a Happy New Year!

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Dec. 15th – 21st: Fasten Your Snow Belts

I don’t know about the rest of the states, but the snow means business here in PA. Careful on them roads.

So as mentioned last week, ‘Strangers and Liars’ was featured on North Coast Lix, a radio show featured on 107.5FM THE FOX based out of Ashtabula, OH. We had an excellent interview with Cody Slaybaugh, as well as the opportunity to unveil two early tracks from the new album in progress. Thank you again to Cody and the folks at THE FOX for having us down.

Saturday the 21st I’ll be playing solo at the King’s Rook Club in Erie. Other than that, it’s a quiet week for me in Erie, giving me a chance to finish Christmas shopping. And there’s some big Strangers and Liars show to prepare for of course. Including but not limited to a NEW YEARS EVE PARTY FEATURING STRANGERS AND LIARS, POTWHOLE AND SCARLET LEDBETTER (the previous section was in all capitals in order to 1. get your attention, 2. pique your interest and 3. create the image of me shouting needlessly)! Yes, we’re out to make the King’s Rook the happening place to be. So keep on tuning in (figure of speech), and you’ll keep hearing more. Drive safe!

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Dec. 7th – 14th: Holidaze

First order of business, an unmarked gig went down this week. On short notice, Strangers and Liars were asked to join alternative rock band Chasing Moira for a Thursday show at Sherlocks in downtown Erie. An excellent time was had, and we’d like to thank CM and Sherlocks both for having us as a part of it.

As for the upcoming week, S&L is getting some seasonal business in order. A New Year’s Eve show is in the works at the reemerging King’s Rook Club. After being closed down for sometime, The King’s Rook began hosting Saturday night songwriter performances several months ago. Other musical ventures are in motion, potentially including an acoustic open mic night, band performances, and (as mentioned before) a New Year’s Eve show. So there will be more on that soon.

You'll know the place by this handsome devil above the door.

You’ll know the place by this handsome devil above the door.

Also, after our trip to Ashtabula earlier this week, Strangers and Liars will be featured on North Coast Lix (a one hour show highlighting original bands in the Lake Erie Area) Saturday December 14th. The show goes from 8 to 9pm, and if you happen to be in the area, you can tune in on 107.5FM (THE FOX).

More news next week. Get that holiday shopping done earlier folks!

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Oh Dear…

Gosh, it sure has been awhile since I updated the ol’ blog. I should check in on it and do some work. How long ago was my last… SEPTEMBER!?

See, this is why musicians can’t have nice things. Like blogs.

Well, it’s time to get back on the horse. Going from having all the time in the world over the summer to shuffling through the day to day dregs was not an easy transition. How can I expect anyone to have interest in what I do if I don’t even take the time to talk about it!? No more excuses, no more slacking off…. for a little while, at least.

Right then, updates. As expected, the fall-into-winter period has slowed Strangers and Liars things down, but all the gears are still turning. Not as publicly, but the behind the scenes is just as significant. Some new venues in the outlying areas (Edinboro, Mckean, Jamestown) have been discovered. We’ve also managed to get some songs on an original music radio show hosted by FOX 107.5 out of Ashtabula, Ohio! They’ve asked us down for an interview in the near future.

Strangers and Liars to invade Ashtabula Airwaves!

Strangers and Liars to invade Ashtabula Airwaves!


The occasional winter gig will certainly be happening (Crossroads Dinor, Edinboro PA, December 28th, nine to midnight. Be there!), however, most of the man power is focusing on the new album.

Oh, did I mention we’re working on a new album? I guess it’s been in progress since the last one came out, so it’s not really new news or anything, but the fact that it is starting to take shape, that’s what’s new and exciting. Look for more on that in the upcoming months, with a pending release date in early 2014.

In other news, songwriting has also slowed, but it’s still there. Like anything else, it comes and goes in spurts. I’ve been revisiting some older material, with the intention of revamping what’s salvageable. After being spoiled from having a standing weekly gig last winter, I intend to look for a regular solo gig in the area. I’m just not sure where.

We’ll be in touch though folks. I promise.

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Summer Reflections

As you can probably tell by the lack of posts in the past week, summer has just about ended for me. I’m back to the day job, so time is against me. Though it is nice to have money in the bank once again.

Taking a minute now to reflect on a truly excellent summer. A summer of first, seconds, and long time traditions continuing on. In particular, Strangers and Liars has had it self a very productive summer of excellent gigs and opportunities. Just for starters…

Strangers and Liars performing @ Howlers Coyote Cafe in Pittsburgh.

Strangers and Liars performing @ Howlers Coyote Cafe in Pittsburgh.

In June, the band made it’s first trip to the Steel City, having an excellent time playing Howlers Coyote Cafe alongside some Pittsbrugh friends, Henry Bachorski and Modern Nature.

Tom Hitt bringing it home at Chaffee's Gathering in Girard.

Tom Hitt bringing it home at Chaffee’s Gathering in Girard.

This year, we were invited to be part of the 33rd annual Gathering at Chaffee’s. This two day music festival was a blast, both in the rain and in the sun. We were excited to make our debut at this excellent event. And we hope to be back next year.

Strangers and Liars appearing at The Edinboro Lake Resort

Strangers and Liars appearing at The Edinboro Lake Resort

My favorite summer spot, The Edinboro Lake Resort, opened doors for a phenomenal summer. Strangers and Liars has made no less than four appearances at the lake resort this year, some great weather nights, some not so much, all of them an absolute blast. And speaking of The Edinboro Lake Resort…

The Songwriter Sunset songwriters, 2013 season.

The Songwriter Sunset songwriters, 2013 season.

This years Songwriter Sunset was a massive success! In the second year, we had 28 musicians, including 5 songwriters making the trip from Pittsburgh. It was a privilege to surround myself with such talented musicians and excellent people.

And all this has been the tip of the iceberg. The summer was incredible, and I’m sad to see it go as I’m sad to see most go. But I’m excited to for what more is to come. And I have plenty more to talk about! I’m just tired of typing right now.








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